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Pandu Express Tours & Travel
Sam Ratulangi Street 91, Manado
Phone: (0431) 854033

Pola Pelita Express Tours & Travel
Sam Ratulangi Street 133, Manado
Phone: (0431) 859303

Dian Sakato Tours & Travel
Sama Ratulangi Street 1, Manado
Phone: (0431) 860003

Winamulia Jaya
Sarapung Street 5, Manado
Phone: (0431) 854912

Graniesko Sutara Leisure
Martadinata Street 50, Manado
Phone: (0431) 857700

Oespindo Sulut Indah
Sam Ratulangi Street 40, Manado
Phone: (0431) 851342

Vita International Tours & Travel
Sam Ratulangi Street 83, Manado
Phone: (0431) 851342

Tojosin Cipta Pesona
Sam Ratulangi Street 29, Manado
Phone: (0431) 858411

Bumi Nata Wisata Tours
Sam Ratulangi Street II 61, Manado
Phone: (0431) 841170

Limbunan Tours & Travel
Sam Ratulangi Street 159, Manado
Phone: (0431) 857555

Klabat Wisata Utama Travel
Walanda Maramis Street 196, Manado
Phone: (0431) 867646

Bumi Beringin Wisata
17 Agustus Street, Manado
Phone: (0431) 861852

Metropole Devra Express
Sudirman Street 135, Manado
Phone: (0431) 851333

Maya Express
Sudirman Street 15, Manado
Phone: (0431) 870111

Alexander Dinamika
Sutomo Street 12A, Manado
Phone: (0431) 86880

Duta Sulut Raya
Sam Ratulangi Street 30, Manado
Phone: (0431) 853505

Trampil Tours & Travel
Walanda Maramis Street 1, Manado
Phone: (0431) 852222

Dembean Express Tours & Travel
Sudirman Street 3, Manado
Phone: (0431) 854029

Rahmat Sinar Nusantara
Sudirman Street 109, Manado
Phone: (0431) 859600

Steps Tour & Travel
Lumimuut Street 4, Manado
Phone: (0431) 850572

Vytinyendi Tours & Travel
Sudirman Street 124, Manado
Phone: (0431) 867146

Riantama Tours & Travel
Hasanudin 63 Street, Manado
Phone: (0431) 862322

Latest News

As Crossborder Tour Destination, Talaud Make Sara Island As Nautical Icon

Since it was designated as a crossborder destination, Talaud Islands in North Sulawesi, began to improve its tourism. In addition to starting calendar of events, promotions, physical infrastructure to tourist support, Talaud make Sara Island became the mainstay of tourism icon. The uninhabited small island located in the Pacific Ocean is ready to be promoted for marine tourism. The exotic Sara Island with its fine white sandy beach. Regent of Talaud Islands Regency Sri Wahyuni Manalip said, Sara Island is one of the islands ready for sale for tourism activity.…

Lenso Dance, The Dance Of Celebration

Lenso Dance Lenso is a folk dance from Minahasan, North Sulawesi and Maluku. The word Lenso means handkerchief, hence it uses that property during the dance. This dance is commonly presented in groups during some occasions or party, like wedding party, harvest time, new year, Christmas and many more. The most interesting from this dance is, the participants who are still single, can search for mate during the party by performing this dance.

The Exotic Lembeh Island

Lembeh Island Lembeh island is part of Bitung administrative area in North Sulawesi. The island is separated from the mainland of Sulawesi Island by the Lembeh Strait. Lembeh island is famous for those who like to dive, because Lembeh island is the best diving spot after Bunaken. The divers recognized Bunaken as the Sea Garden in the Earth, but Lembeh is such a virgin island. It is untouched and almost to be the perfect diving spot. There are so many unusual habitats and exotic organisms live under Lembeh island, like,…

The Beauty Of Tomohon

Tomohon Tomohon is a city on Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is a new city in the province of North Sulawesi Initially, Tomohon was a part of the Minahasa regency in North Sulawesi. Tomohon, since the first early time has been written in recent history. One of them contained in the ethnographic work of Rev. N. Graafland that when, on January 14, 1864 aboard the Queen Elisabeth ship, he wrote about a country named Tomohon which he visited in the years around 1850. The development of civilization and the development and…

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